Somehow, using a treasure map or their wits or secrets whispered down to them by long-dead ancestors , the great minds at BlackBook managed to infiltrate the Facebook page of Ed Westwick, or as we know him, Chuck Bass. Jessica Szohr. I look forward to seein u and leigh whenever u guys decide to come here and visit me! Edward Westwick: Are you kidding? Jess and I? But the good news is we can now go back to imagining that the cast members are as preternaturally verbal as their onscreen counterparts. Giancarlo Granda says he was 20 when he met Jerry and Becki Falwell while working as a pool attendant at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel in March

Gossip breaks up Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr

Here, Szohr talks about her new role, GG , and the recent sexual assault allegations against her former co-star Ed Westwick. I was. I had known Jeremy [Allen White, who plays Lip] for years when I was living in New York, so when he booked the pilot, and then when it was picked up, a bunch of us got together and watched it.

But I was always a fan of it.

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr, who play Chuck Bass and Vanessa Abrams in the show, were spotted kissing at a New York Knicks game.

SheKnows got the inside scoop on her new show. More: Of course, Jessica is one of our fashion obsessions. These days, you can find Szohr on her new gig, Complications. The show follows one seriously studly doctor on his badass quest to go good. We asked Szohr why people should tune in to this hospital-centered show when there are other medical dramas already on the market.

She was quick to warn us not to get caught up on the scrubs and hospital setting, though. While trying to make sure the patients and their families are safe, they are trying not to lose their jobs while still doing their jobs. Gretchen hates pretty much everyone. And then, on top of [who] Gretchen was the medical world, her relationship with John and her patients, and how far she and John would go in this gang war.

I mean… it was just on the page how much fun and how challenging this would be to play and be a part of. She sounds almost too badass to be relatable.

‘Gossip Girl’s’ Ed Westwick ‘devastated’ girlfriend Jessica Szohr was secretly seeing others

Attention, Us Weekly readers! After keeping mum about her relationship with the professional hockey player, The Orville actress, 33, finally revealed her boyfriend as she celebrated a milestone career moment with Richardson. That night, Richardson, 35, became the first player to score four goals in a single game since Keith Tkachuk in A source confirms to Us Weekly that the two have been dating since before the Super Bowl in February.

like Vanessa Abrams, who was played by actress Jessica Szohr. things, but I don’t need everyone to know who I’m dating the whole time.”.

Szohr is of Hungarian and one quarter African-American descent. She was born in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, a place she describes as a “family-oriented small town”. The oldest of five children, Szohr played soccer, served on the student council, and was part of the cheerleading squad while in school. Szohr started modeling at age six.

Her first national campaign was for Quaker Oats at age ten, and she also appeared in print ads for Kohl’s department store. Szohr graduated from Menomonee Falls High School a semester early and moved to Los Angeles with her mother at the age of 17 to pursue an acting career. She told Seventeen magazine that she “almost moved home like five times. Topic: Jessica Szohr.

Two of your most beloved Gossip Girl stars are on a double date RN and can you even handle it?

What Jessica Szohr h With news of a Gossip Girl reboot, we can’t help but reminisce about the original CW show and remember some of our favorite characters like Vanessa Abrams, who was played by actress Jessica Szohr. When she wasn’t climbing through her best friend Dan’s window in Brooklyn, Vanessa was either caught up in one of Blair’s mischievous plans or getting her heart broken by Dan and Nate. Add to Chrome.

In , she earned her breakthrough role as Vanessa Abrams on The CW series Gossip Girl. Szohr is of Hungarian and one quarter African-American descent.

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating one woman’s alleged account, but no charges have been filed against the actor as of yet. Szohr, who dated her co-star between and , spoke to Westwick’s character and the “difficult time” he’s going through: “It’s a difficult subject right now for anyone that’s involved on either side. I don’t even really know how to answer it, if I should, because I don’t want anything to get twisted, because I have known Ed for years and know how lovely he is, and don’t think he would ever put someone in a position like that.

Despite defending Westwick, Jessica said she’s happy survivors of sexual misconduct have more courage than ever to speak up. So it’s like, well, why are people making it up, because that takes away from the girls that are going through it. And then it’s also hard to go back and try to get evidence from things that were so long ago. Jessica broached the topic sensitively, admitting that because she was not present, “I can’t say it did or it didn’t happen.

And I hope that it’s untrue, but I also feel bad for anyone that’s been in that situation, for the women that have to deal with that, for the situations that are true. Jessica confirmed to the magazine that she has been in contact with Westwick, who she described as having a “difficult time.

Jessica Szohr Plays it Cool

Jessica Szohr Hayden Panettiere. The Gossip Girl star was spotted holding hands with her new man while attending the Don Julio’s Neon Carnival event in Indio, California earlier this week begs20Apr15 , days after attending the Coachella music festival. Former New York Jets wide receiver MCKnight shared a collage of photos of his festival crew, including Szohr, on Instagram earlier this month Apr15 and captioned it, “Great times with even greater people.

Old friends and new. Peace out Coachilla sic. He also sent Szohr a sweet birthday message online on 31 March 15 , when she turned 30, writing, “Happy birthday to this girl itsmejessicaszohr – beautiful inside and out.

There was definitely something in that Gossip Girl water — Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick were one of three real-life couples to come out of the CW show.

Ed Westwick has officially checked into Heartbreak Hotel: We hear the ” Gossip Girl ” guy is devastated after learning that his former girlfriend Jessica Szohr was cuddling up with a gaggle of guys behind his back. The insider says she partied with others before Westwick even left for the shoot. Still, the snitch insists that “when Ed wasn’t out with her for the night, she’d flirt heavily with guys.

It was only a matter of time before it got back to Ed. She’s really chasing him. Says the friend: “He wants nothing to do with her right now. Skip to content. Ed Westwick is heartbroken that his ‘Gossip Girl’ co-star and real-life girlfriend Jessica Szohr has been seeing other guys behind his back. A rep for Szohr says the claims have “no merit.

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Jessica Szohr: Vanessa Abrams

Vanessa Abrams is a character in Gossip Girl series of novels as well as the television adaptation. She is portrayed by Jessica Szohr. Along with Jenny Humphrey , Vanessa’s character is downgraded in season four before departing the show altogether. Vanessa is the daughter of Arlo and Gabriela Abrams. She grew up on a commune in Vermont before moving to Brooklyn to live with her sister, Ruby. She was homeschooled her entire life until she began attending NYU.

Former ‘Gossip Girl’ actress Jessica Szohr and ‘Year-Old Virgin’ It was confirmed in May that Jessica – who played Vanessa Abrams in the.

Chuck Bass : I need to talk to you, your father’s leaving. Nate Archibald : He just stepped out to call my mom. Vanessa Abrams : Everything okay? Chuck Bass : No. Nate Archibald : Yes. Chuck Bass : He just asked to have his car brought around. Nate Archibald : He probably left his phone in it. Chuck Bass : Look before the ceremony I saw him with a guy doing a deal, it looked like drugs.

Nate Archibald : My father is clean Chuck and what are you spying on him? Chuck Bass : Look, I know you hate me.

THEN AND NOW: Here’s what the cast of ‘Gossip Girl’ is up to 12 years later

Jessica Szohr is a 35 year old American Actress. Her zodiac sign is Aries. McQueen in Piranha 3D Jessica Szohr is a member of the following lists: American film actors , American television actors and American female models.

“Remains of the J” Pictured: Jessica Szohr as Vanessa and Ed Westwick as Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr dating says Gossip Girl co-star: All the latest.

Panicked Szohr then flew to London from LA to beg him to take her back, but sources say Westwick is still deeply hurt. They ended up back at the same hotel, but nobody knows what happened behind closed doors. Her flirty behavior shocked a lot of their friends, so word quickly got back to Ed, who has been filming in Europe. Westwick and Szohr have been a couple since after they began to fall in love while dating other people.

He did not return e-mails last night. Read Next.

What Jessica Szohr has been doing since Gossip Girl ended

Her recent television credits include Complications , Kingdom , Twin Peaks and Shameless — In , she joined the cast during the second season of the science fiction series The Orville. Szohr was born in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Nate (Chace Crawford) and Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) date briefly, off and on, during the first two seasons of Gossip Girl. During season two, Nate begins dating.

By MailOnline Reporter. Earlier this month, it was reported that Ed Westwick, 30, had been accused of sexually assaulting three women – which he has publicly denied online. Speaking out in light of recent events, the British actor’s ex Jessica Szohr, 32, has admitted that she found the accusations ‘shocking’, adding that she’s ‘praying’ that the allegations are ‘untrue’. Speaking out: Jessica Szohr, 32, has admitted that she found the accusations ‘shocking’ against her ex Ed Westwick, adding that she’s ‘praying’ that the allegations are ‘untrue’.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan , she shared: ‘[I] wasn’t there, for either side, so I can’t say it did or didn’t happen. But I know him well and I’ve known him for years, and I found it shocking. It was shocking. The American actress – who has since starred in Kingdom, Shameless and Twin Peaks – revealed that she has spoken to her former flame in the wake of the allegations, admitting that it has been ‘tough on him’.

Jessica insisted that the situation was ‘unfortunate’ for both sides and admitted that it is ‘hard to speak on behalf of those girls or him’. Earlier this month, Kristina accused Ed of sexual assault, claiming the star had ‘held [her] down and raped [her]’ after she fell asleep in a bedroom in his house. Claims: Earlier this month, Kristina accused Ed of sexual assault, claiming the star had ‘held [her] down and raped [her]’ after she fell asleep in a bedroom in his house.

Ed Westwick’s Facebook: ‘Everyone on Gossip Girl Should Just Date Each Other. LOL.’

Jessica szohr dating list. Even shared a new boyfriend this news, and l. Have been dating history dating history of jessica szohr news, latest jessica szohr relationships. They started dating a friend of the.

As of October , Westwick has been dating South African model Tamara Trancesconi. **Chace Jessica Szohr (Vanessa Abrams).

As of today, it’s exactly ten years since the pilot episode of Gossip Girl debuted, introducing us both to the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite, and to the sometimes equally-scandalous cast of actors who played our favorite Upper East Siders. While most of the gang were probably consummate professionals most of the time, thrusting a whole lot of very young actors very suddenly into the limelight is a surefire recipe for at least a little bit of scandal, as GG showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage knew well from their time on The O.

Here, we’re revisiting nine of the most dramatic behind-the-scenes moments from the set of Gossip Girl. They wanted that, because then it fed their whole narrative. People could buy into this world. We were looking for a girl who was on the brink of becoming a woman—I don’t think we saw that goth side yet [because] she was still really young; she was maybe, like, 13 when we cast her.

Again, I don’t think anyone had met her in person and everything was fine as far as I knew, and then it kind of took a turn. On the same press tour, for Jeff Buckley movie Greetings from Tim Buckley , he told Salon , “To be proud of something is a really nice feeling But you know which character she was not into?

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